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Our Company Values


Our audiences are why we do what we do. Entertaining and engaging audiences is our passion. We proudly tour extensively to venues across England, Scotland and Wales every year, as well as globally with our live, online and broadcast productions. We strive to be widely accessible and welcoming to both our loyal and new audiences.


Since the beginning we have been bold, maverick and adventurous. 30 years on we continue to push boundaries and defy expectations in dance, storytelling and ambition. We are committed to reaching as many people and places as possible through our productions and projects.

Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake


We have a shared commitment to supporting, developing and investing in all members of the New Adventures company and everyone involved with our work in whatever capacity – performers, creatives, crew, staff, practitioners, audiences, participants, trustees, students, interns, volunteers and partners. We all matter. 

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Our work is only possible thanks to our generous funders and supporters from around the world