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Dancer of the Week

2 September 2016

Over the past 24 weeks we have spoken to each cast member of Sleeping Beauty, giving you an insight into their history with the Company, where they trained and if they have any interesting hobbies outside of dance.

As the 2015/16 tour comes to a close and we gear up for The Red Shoes why not let us know your favourite discoveries on our Facebook and Twitter pages? Are there any burning questions that you are craving for us to answer? Message Nick Kyprianou, our Audience Engagement Coordinator and let us know.

You can revisit all of our Dancer of the Week articles below:

Ashley Shaw

Mami Tomotani

Andrew Monaghan

Dominic North

Katy Lowenhoff

Chris Trenfield

Dominic Lamb

Will Bozier

Mari Kamata

Christopher Marney

Jack Jones

Danny Reubens

Katrina Lyndon

Philip King

Liam Mower

Luke Murphy

Katie Webb

Daisy May Kemp

Glenn Graham

Cordelia Braithwaite

Leon Moran

Nicole Kabera

Adam Maskell

Kate Lyons

Main image: Johan Persson

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