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'The Swan' is bending forward with his knees bent and his arms behind him, he has black makeup on his face to resemble the features of a swan, and is wearing white feathered knee-length trousers. He is pictured standing in water and in a mist, his reflection is visible in the water. Feathers are falling from his arms, and behind him is a group of swans are posed with one arm curved over their head and the other stretched out to the side. There is a full moon above 'The Swan' and silhouettes of trees at the sides of the frame. The text reads "Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake The Next Generation". Above this is a quote which reads "'The show that changed the dance landscape forever'- Observer"
UK Tour 2024-2025Swan Lake Touring from November 2024 Book
UK and International Tour 2023-2024Romeo and Juliet Touring internationally Book
Coming to a cinema near youEdward Scissorhands In cinemas from 25 September 2024 Book now
UK StreamingSleeping Beauty Available to watch until 24 December 2024 Watch
UK StreamingNutcracker! Available to watch until December 2024 Watch
1 woman with her arm raised is at centre front, with several other women behind lifting their arms and reaching up
Farnham MaltingsNext Adventures Classes 8 May - 11 December 2024 Find Out More