right2dance Summer Residency

New Adventures returned to deliver workshops and a week-long residency in 2018 for right2dance, a charitable organisation that provides dance classes for all ages and abilities in Paisley, Scotland. Established in 1973 the company has been at the heart of fun and creativity within Renfrewshire, catering for the absolute beginner to the aspiring professional, with a belief that everyone has the 'right2dance'.

We delivered a workshop on 13 May 2018 for right2dance's youth company and those new to dance, followed by a week-long residency from 9 – 13 July 2018, which culminated in a sharing. The workshop and residency was led by New Adventures dance artists Ross Carpenter, Katy Lowenhoff, Sophia Hurdley and Associate Dance Practitioner Alan Vincent. Alan and Sophia were excited to return to Paisley after working with right2dance last year.

Last year New Adventures dance artists delivered a range of activities for right2dance including two days of dance for young people, one for right2dance’s Youth Company dancers and one for those new to dance, as well as continuous professional development (CPD) sessions for their staff and ambassadors. We returned in July 2017 for a week-long residency with right2dance’s young people that culminated in a final performance of their work.