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New Adventures have delighted, inspired and nurtured people of all ages and backgrounds: audiences, artists and the next generation. We create engaging projects that reach thousands worldwide every year.

“One of the driving forces behind our projects and workshops originally was to inspire young people, regardless of background or experience, with a passion for movement. Since then it has expanded to support and provide unforgettable experiences for a wide range of people of all ages. I am convinced that our work can change lives and help discover the next generation of dancers, community dance artists and choreographers, as well as champion dance as an art form that improves health and wellbeing.” Matthew Bourne

Every year New Adventures engages in inclusive projects with thousands of people of all ages and ability, as well as emerging artists across the UK. Projects have also been delivered in China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and across the USA.

Fun, informative, inclusive and joyous. Thank you to everyone - what a privilege.

Swan Lake Open Workshop Participant

I have developed so much as an artist. It's provided me with the opportunity to develop my skills while networking with other artists who inspire my creativity.

Rachel Clarke, Overture Cohort 2017-18

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