Rossana Samele

Young Cast

Romeo and Juliet Young Cast 
The Marlowe (Canterbury)

Why do you want to be in this show?
I fell into an abyss of admiration, curiosity and overwhelming addiction watching New Adventures' works. With their stunning emotional power the dancers are able to speak louder than words while just relying on movement. They have so many innovative forms, precious meanings and interpretations to express a concept. I auditioned for New Adventures because I think this is the demonstration that there are no boundaries of art forms because we’re made of a huge amount of universal feelings.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:
Whenever I go somewhere I always turn off my phone with my family desperately trying to track me down, in vain. Also after a certain time of the night (around 11pm) my brain doesn’t let me speak any language except Italian. 

The Centre - Performing Arts College and currently an apprentice for caraBdanza Contemporary Company in Spain