Mohit Mathur

Overture 2023/24

Mohit Mathur is an Indian actor/ dancer/choreographer, a graduate from the Drama Centre London. Recently seen on the West End show‚ Life Of Pi. He has been the Lead Actor of the West End show "Beyond Bollywood" which made him travel not only to the London Palladium stage but also around the Globe.

He was active in the Indian Film and Theatre Industry 7 years working on many TV shows like "Dancing with the stars" India and other films as an Actor.

Since 2020, he has been a part of the Flute Theatre, led by Kelly Hunter MBE. A project aiming at pushing the boundaries of performing Shakespeare to audiences with autism.

In 2022 performed with Welsh National Opera's new opera "Migrations" as a consultant and dance captain tackling the migrants in the UK. He is currently in creation of a one man show about intergenerational trauma and the massacre of Amritsar during the British Raj.