Kaasam Aziz

Creative Content Producer

Kaasam Aziz [kaah-sum a-zeez]

Kaasam began his training in Acting and Improvised Theatre at Dartington College of Arts, before continuing on to receive a BA (Hons) in Choreography at Falmouth University. During his time at Falmouth University he worked closely with AIR Innovation to develop a series of performances working closely with Motion Capture and Digital Installation, which went on to be performed at both Fascinate Conference Festivals (2013-14).

Since then, having worked as a Freelance Videographer and Photographer; specialising in anamorphic mobile cinematography, super 8mm film, 35mm and 120mm Photography; his work has been recognised by Bristol City Council and nominated for the "Film Our City" award by the Bristol Mayor (2019). He has also developed his own Freelance Marketing Agency where he worked closely with Sustainable Fashion Brands during the #whomademyclothes movement.