Faye Smith

Overture 2022-23 Cohort

Faye Smith


Faye has been working within the voluntary and community sector for over 20 years. Her work has taken her across Europe and has enabled her to experience many cultures and methods of working. Faye set up 'Suffolk Contemporary Dance' in 2021 as the world was coming out of the Pandemic. The call to action came from her two primary aged children who established a desire to dance freely and cultivate creativity through movement at this age. Using the experience obtained within her professional and personal life, a new dance community across Suffolk was established.

A child dancer; It was contemporary and creative art that caught Faye's attention. A student of Middlesex University she then went on to volunteer in South Africa, where it was dance that connected the township communities to their donors. Faye invited children from the township to join children from the church congregation to perform a collaborative dance for the benefit of all communities. This was the first time anything like this had been done within this church and the connection and relationship continues to flourish to this day.

Faye is very much looking forward to her time of reflection, growth and development with New Adventures.