Callum McCabe

Young Cast

Romeo and Juliet Young Cast 
Sadler's Wells (London)

Callum was part of the Lord of the Flies Young Cast (2014) at The Marlowe (Canterbury).

Why do you want to be in this show?
Whenever I’ve watched one of Matthew Bourne’s shows there’s always so much going on, I wish I could come back the next day and see it again. So many vignettes weaving into the greater plot and now I’m going to get an inside look at how that richness is created.

Lord of the Flies got me dancing, this might be the start of my future…

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:
I’ve never been to school. My first dance class was when my mum dumped me at my sister’s ballet lesson to rush to be with my brother who had a suspected broken neck. I got bored watching, borrowed some pink ballet shoes and joined in.

My village dance school, Eastwood Dance Academy and Kopinski Ballet Academy