stunning new cast photos for The Car Man

16 April 2015

Our cast took time out from rehearsals last week with photographer Chris Mann. #SIZZLING !


We also wanted to share the PRINCIPAL CASTING for BROMLEY and WIMBLEDON (subject to change, but as a helpful guide for our friends and fans)

BROMLEY - All 4 performances (Thurs to Sat and Sat Mat) have the same Principal cast - LUCA - Jonathan Ollivier LANA - Zizi Strallen ANGELO - Dominic North RITA - Katy Lowenhoff - ALL DEBUTS
Tues 21st - Chris Trenfield (DEBUT), Zizi Strallen, Liam Mower (DEBUT), Kate Lyons (DEBUT) 
Wed 22nd - Trenfield, Strallen, Mower, Lyons
Thurs 23rd (MATINEE) Tim Hodges (DEBUT), Strallen, North, Lowenhoff
Thurs 23rd (EVE) Trenfield, Strallen, Mower, Lyons
Fri 24th - Ollivier, Cordelia Braithwaite (DEBUT), North, Lowenhoff
Sat 25th (MAT) Trenfield, Strallen, North, Lowenhoff
Sat 25th (EVE) Ollivier, Braithwaite, Mower, Lyons

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