New Adventures branded bottles arrive!

26 July 2018

We were delighted to receive our branded water bottles today, with thanks to Enviro-Cup.

Did you know, according to Recycle Now, Britain fails to recycle 16 million plastic bottles every day? Our new reusable bottles are one way we are now using less plastic and taking action. A bottle will be making its way to each of our Cinderella company members next week before they head off on their international tour. Our full Swan Lake company will then also receive a bottle each when rehearsals begin in August.

This is just one of many incentives that we'll be doing over the next year as part of our partnership with Julie's Bicycle and with Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake leading the way as the first Creative Green Certified Tour.

Watch this space to find out how you may be able to get your hands on one of our bottles...

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