Country from Town and Country to be performed at GDIF

9 June 2017

On Saturday 1 July 2017 we will be performing an adaptation of Country from Matthew Bourne's Early Adventures, for Greenwich+Docklands International Festival as part of their annual outdoor dance programme, Dancing City, in Canary Wharf. Since 1996 GDIF has produced hundreds of inspiring and spell-binding street theatre shows in Greenwich and Tower Hamlets.

In conversation with Alastair Macaulay, renowned dance critic, in his book Matthew Bourne and his adventures in dance, Matthew said:

“although it’s very frivolous at times and I was much less mature when I made it – by the end I am much more moved. I feel very, very connected to all the things in that piece. I’m like that now when I watch it on video, and was like that in 1991 when I was dancing it. I wasn’t on in the last section, and I would stand in the wings, and always shed a little tear. I love the music so much, as well.”

Click here to find out more about our involvement with GDIF and for more details.

This performance is part of our Summer Festivals offering, following the success of engaging with over 1,000 people last year.
Country will also be performed at Latitude Festival on Saturday 15 July on the Waterfront Stage, as well as delivering a workshop for all ages based on the performance.

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