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5 August 2018

Our 2018/19 international tour of Matthew Bourne's Cinderella kicks off this week in China and long term company dancer Anjali Mehra will be sharing her experiences with us throughout. Before the company flew on Saturday 4 August Anjali gave us a little introduction...

Reece Causton as Stan and Anjali Mehra as Vivien
Reece Causton as Stan and Anjali Mehra as Vivien

My name is Anjali Mehra and I play Cinderella's Step Mother (Sybil) and her Step Sister (Vivien). I have worked with New Adventures on and off since 1999.

On this international tour, we are traveling to Beijing, Shanghai (China); Tokyo (Japan) and Washington, Charlotte and Los Angeles in the US in the New Year. The only place I haven't been before is Beijing so I am really looking forward to going there and seeing the Summer Palace and The Great Wall of China amongst other places. Last time I was in Shanghai, I didn't have as much time to explore so I am also looking forward to going back there and discovering new sites.

Tokyo is one my favourite places in the world and have traveled here many times, as well as around Japan with the company and as a tourist. My father now lives just outside of Tokyo so am able to visit him and my younger brother Sousuke - who is now old enough to watch me perform - while we are there which is an added bonus!

It is always exciting and interesting to get involved in the local culture, try the foods and perform to different audiences, we are so lucky to take our shows around the world and experience these incredible places. 

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