A Museum Adventure at IWM North

21 March 2018

On 17 March we had our second Cinderella: A Museum Adventure event at Imperial War Museum North, in Salford. Hundreds came along to watch an intergenerational company of local over 55s and Year 5 children from St Charles RC Primary School in Swinton perform a piece choreographed by Paul Smethurst (Project Manger & Resident Practitioner) and New Adventures dance artist Chloe Wilkinson. 

IWM North performance

This 15 minute performance was performed four times throughout the day, inspired by Matthew Bourne's Cinderella, which is currently touring the UK. Bourne's interpretation of the classic fairy tale has, at its heart, a true war-time romance and is set during the London Blitz in World War Two. The piece created with this intergenerational company responded to war time stories and photographs that evoke themes of family, evacuation and community.

"What a wonderful, exhilarating experience we all shared. We all now have such a terrific sense of achievement and pride in what you helped us produce on the day! Who knew we could do that? Your warm and generous words about our performances were appreciated so very much, and the responses of the audiences were amazing for all of us to experience, including the words of Alan Vincent!" - Edwina, IWM North Dancer

Alongside the site-specific performances free workshops ran throughout the day, led by Alan Vincent who plays Alphonso and Robert (Cinderella's Father) in Cinderella. Open to all ages and abilities, New Adventures Dance Artists led fun, playful and creative workshops, where visitors had the chance to learn choreography from the show and create a little something of their own.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the day taken by Nathan Cox:

"I finally got it, today. I now understand why you do what you do. I actually felt a little buzz to see the rapt attention of some of the audience. They saw it, they read it and they liked it. My goodness, I thought, that feels good."

Lesley, IWM North Dancer

Following the event one of the participants sent over a wonderful poem about their experience! Have a read:


By Susan Skarratts

We’ve just done our show
No uttered a word
The children were noisy
Paul couldn’t be heard 

We acted and mimed and
danced our way through
I’m aching all over don’t know
about you? 

Chloe said Susan you came in too late
I nod and I smile
And just count to EIGHT 

Paul shouts FOCUS you’ve done
It again
Oh I’m sorry should we count to TEN? 

We rehearse and rehearse
Please not any more
I can’t sip my tea without counting to FOUR? 

All rush for the tram
get off at Cornbrook
I know where I am!
Turn left out the station or is it right?
Go round in circles
it must be stage fright

Well the show is now over and
We need a rest but I can look back
And say

Join us at our third and final Cinderella: A Museum Adventure event at IWM London on 23 June!

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