A day in the life of Mari Kamata

17 September 2016

Many of you have been asking to hear what it's like for our dancers on a day to day basis whilst on tour.
This week we asked company member Mari Kamata a few questions as she prepares to play Aurora (pictured backstage) in Sleeping Beauty this weekend in Tokyo. Mari is from Japan and is very excited to be performing to a home crowd!

What time do you usually get up on a show day and what’s your ideal breakfast?
It really depend on what time the class/show is on at the venue. Ideally I like to come in to the theatre one hour before class in order to get myself ready. My ideal breakfast would be a cup of coffee (which is a must!) and brown toast with peanut butter and a banana. When in Japan I usually have miso onigiri (rice ball) and green tea!

What’s your ideal company class and how does this help you prepare for the show?
I truly love both Contemporary and Ballet and therefore mixing them equally in a week is perfect for me.
If it's ballet it helps with maintain my flexibility and uses your inner balance and core which are great for doing the fairy movement. If it's contemporary, it keeps me aware of my body especially my feet. I also love the feeling of shifting in space and getting my body grounded. So it really helps with the sleepwalkers’ section where we are blindfolded.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I spray water on bottom of my ballet shoes just before I go on as the floor can be slippery. 

Is there anything you do in the wings of the stage during the show that keeps you calm/in character?
If it's an important night or I feel really nervous then I take a deep breath, believe in myself and focus.

Do you have any post-show rituals?
I always try and say thank you to everyone who partnered me that night right after curtain call. Appreciation is really important to me.

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