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Discover your favourite styles from the range of classes available with your favourite teachers!

Open Company Class 2021

We are excited to be bringing back Open Company Class for 2021. This time around all the classes will be available on YouTube, as well as hosting them on this page. You can join Open Company Class anytime from anywhere!

We will be releasing a class each Wednesday at 12PM (GMT). The first class will be released on Wed 3 February. The classes are aimed at professional dancers and dancers in training, however anyone can try them out and experience our company dance classes. 

Week 11 - Contemporary with Kerry Biggin

Week 10 - Ballet with Sophia Hurdle

Week 9 - Contemporary with Arielle Smith

Week 8 - Jazz with Carrie Willis

Week 7 - Ballet with Katie Webb

Week 6 - Contemporary with Glenn Graham

Week 5 - Ballet with Nicole Kabera

Week 4 - Pilates with Freya Field

Week 3 - Ballet with Neil Westmoreland

Week 2 - Contemporary with Monique Jonas

Week 1 - Ballet with Ashley Shaw

Meet Your Teachers 

Get to know each teacher through a LIVE Q&A on the New Adventures Instagram (@mbnewadventures). 

Tune in every Monday at 5PM and ask your questions about the upcoming class, their dance background and their journey at New Adventures

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