The Red Shoes

Exercises & Activities

Discover how we create movement material and delve into the repertoire of Matthew Bourne's The Red Shoes with Resident Artists - Kerry Biggin and Paul Smethurst, New Adventures Dance Artists, Luke Murphy and Sam Archer, and New Adventures Dancer Seren Williams. Our exercises and activities are adapted for GCSE, A Level & BTEC students and those with a general level of dance experience, however anyone can try these at home!

The Red Shoes Warm Up

Below are two videos to warm up your body in different ways that introduces The Red Shoes ideas and movement language.

  • Swing Step Warm Up uses movement from the period in which The Red Shoes was set, it's a fun and playful way to get your bodies active
  • Conductor Flocking is an exercise that encourages focus, unity and a feeling of collective movement like a flock of birds. The dancer at the front of the group "conducts" the movement, and the cluster of dancers respond like an orchestra in harmony

The Red Shoes repertoire

Act Two Nightmare Phrase 

Learn Irina Boronskaja's Nightmare phrase from Act Two, adapted for different abilities.

  • Go to 00:59 for the phrase adapted for GCSE, A Level & BTEC Students
  • Go to 02:51 for the phrase adapted for a General Level

Wobble, The Red Shoes Ballet

Learn the Wobble 2 phrase from The Red Shoes Ballet adapted for GCSE, A Level & BTEC Students.

Act One Beach Ballet 

Learn the Beach Ballet from Act One adapted for general level.

If you're feeling creative click on the link and download the PDF below to take part in creating your own Beach Ballet choreography, with links to music and themes that are sure to inspire you and get those creative juices flowing!

Act One Audition Phrase

Learn the Audition phrase from Act One, adapted for seated or standing.

The Red Shoes Creative Tasks

Creative Task: Julian Craster, Conductor Solo

This creative task is inspired by Julian Craster, the struggling composer, solo in Act One.

Creative Task: Nightmare Phrase Top and Tail

This is a signature New Adventures creative task used to create movement that is very unusual and is also great for co-ordination. This sequence is inspired from the end of The Red Shoes ballet when Vicky returns to Ballet Lermontov.

Creative Task: Red Shoes Ballet Solo and Duet

This creative task is inspired by the duet between Grischa Ljubov and Vicky Page in The Red Shoes Ballet

Creative Task: Beach Ballet

Learn the Beach Ballet phrase from Act One, adapted for General Level