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If you are a teacher, student, or just can't get enough of Edward Scissorhands, you can find detailed exercises and downloadable resources below. Our New Adventures Dance Artists and Resident Artists will guide you through selected sections of choreography directly from the show.

Our exercises are adapted for GCSE, A Level & BTEC students and those with a general level of dance experience, however anyone can try them at home!

We invited dance artist and an Overture alumnus Kate Stanforth to adapt an extract of the choreography from Edward Scissorhands. In the first clip, Kate offers her tips on teaching adapted choreography. In the second clip, Kate shares her adapted version of 'Kids on a Street Corner', performed on stage at Sadler's Wells with company dancers Molly and Xavier.

Downloadable Resources

Plot Synopsis

A modern-day fairy tale which tells the story of Edward, a boy created by an inventor, who dies before finishing him and leaves Edward with scissors where he should have hands. Frightened by a group of teenagers in Halloween costumes, Edward escapes the mansion where he was brought up and runs into the night. Peg Boggs discovers him and compassionately takes Edward home to stay with her family. As an outsider, he must adapt to the new life, society and environment of the town, Hope Springs. Soon he shows a talent in cutting hair and hedges, winning peoples’ hearts, and the town buzzes with excitement over their new neighbour. But not everybody is as accepting of his differences.

Jealous of Edward’s admiration for Peg’s daughter Kim, Jim, her boyfriend, and his friends frame Edward at the Christmas Ball and the town turn on him. Edward runs away and Jim rallies the town to follow. Kim follows to find Edward and we find out that she has secret feelings for him, which she admits with a kiss. However, Jim sees this, and a terrible fight ensues. In the confusion, Edward somehow vanishes into thin air and all that is left are his scissors.

Edward sits alone in the old house. He sits on the floor with his hands behind him. His scissors prop him up.

Edward Scissorhands is the ultimate outsider story, a tale of how we treat people who we perceive as ‘different’. Whilst having an important message to convey, Edward Scissorhands also offers its audience a touching love story, a hauntingly beautiful musical score and a wonderful amount of fun! Here is a list of some of the key themes in the production:

  • Accepting differences
  • Individuality
  • Innocence
  • Young love
  • Being an outsider

a couple dance among the other families. They sway together connected at the hips.
Meet Edward

Edward is the son of an inventor father. He suddenly dies by being struck by lightning while holding a pair of scissors. Years later, his father brings him back to life.​

​The Inventor dies on Halloween as boys from Hope Springs break into his home and he suffers a heart attack, leaving Edward alone until Peg Boggs find him.

Illustration of person in dark, tight fitting suit with scissors for hands and wild dark hair
Meet Kim

Kim is the oldest child of Bill and Peg Boggs, and sister of Kevin. ​

Kim is the perfect all-American 'girl next door' and is dating troublemaker Jim Upton when we meet her.​

When Peg Boggs brings Edward into their home to stay, he and Kim become close.

Illustration showing Kim Boggs, young cheerleader with blonde hair in a pony tail, she holds a pom pom in each hand

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