In The Studio

Exercises & Activities

Discover how we create movement material and delve into the repertoire of Matthew Bourne's Cinderella with New Adventures dance artists - Paul Smethurst, Daisy May Kemp, Katy Lowenhoff & Ross Carpenter. You'll also find examples of New Adventures style warm ups and an online Swing Workshop with Sam Archer, where you can learn some of our favourite steps from the 1940s. Our exercises and activities are adapted for a Primary School level; GCSE, A Level & BTEC students and those with a general level of dance experience, however anyone can try these at home!

Warm up with New Adventures

Here are two examples of how we warm up in a workshop environment, a general warm up and a Cinderella warm up that uses commands, where terms from the RAF have been assigned with an action.

Swing with Sam Archer

Matthew Bourne's Cinderella features choreography that was inspired by swing dance styles from the 1940s, which was very popular during World War Two. Sam Archer, a New Adventures dance artist will show you some of our favourite steps for you to try at home, in the studio and then you could put together your own routine!

Airmen & Bombers

Learn the Airmen & Bombers phrase from the end of Act One adapted for various ages and abilities. 

  • Go to 0:27 for the phrase adapted for a Primary School Level 
  • Go to 2:52 for the phrase adapted for a General Level 
  • Go to 5:11 for the phrase adapted for GCSE, A Level & BTEC Students

Air Raid: General Level

Learn the Air Raid phrase from Act One adapted for a General Level:

Gas Mask Dogs

Learn the Gas Mask Dogs phrase from Act One adapted for a Primary School Level:

Creative Task: The Lost Shoe

A creative task using chance choreography focussing on the solos of Cinderella and Harry, the Pilot from Act Three. This task explores the lost shoe and what it signifies, with different phases to develop the choreography that you create. 

Creative Task: Midnight Top & Tail

A creative task taken from the end of Act Two from the Midnight Section, exploring various ideas of a ticking clock, including the mechanics and actions related to a clock, the pendulum motion and time running out. This is a top and tail task where one person focuses on creating movement for the top half of the body and another person choreographing for the waist down. The movement material is then put together and developed.

Creative Task: Hospital

A creative task that looks at movement material that can be created based on the Hospital Scene in Act Three. Gestures are created based on actions that a nurse may carry out on a patient and then how a duet can be formed from this.