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Green Adventures

Setting the stage for sustainable touring.

The Green Adventures Working Group, along with Environmental Manager Andrew Ashton, ensures New Adventures is responsible for its environmental impact.

All organisations must work to lessen their environmental impact, take responsibility for their actions, and increase sustainability for future generations. In 2018 we joined an ever-growing group of community and cultural leaders committed to taking bold, strategic action against the climate crisis.

As a large-scale touring company reaching audiences all over the UK and beyond, we have an opportunity to inspire and inform on environmental sustainability. Reducing environmental impact will require a collaborative effort, including funders, administrative teams, receiving venues, designers, creatives, logistics coordinators, service providers, and more.

This will take time, but we are proud to stand as industry leaders in this field, setting the stage for sustainable touring.

“New Adventures is proud to have piloted the first Creative Green certification for the touring sector and I am delighted that our efforts and achievements have been recognised with a four-star rating. There is still so much more we can do, as a company and within our industry, to address the climate emergency and we will continue to explore ways to be greener in all areas of our company.”

Matthew Bourne, Artistic Director, New Adventures

Environmental Manager and Green Champion, Andrew Ashton, reveals 3 ways New Adventures is creating solutions for a sustainable future in theatre in this short film.

Click here to read Julie's Bicycle's case study on our environmental journey with green touring.

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