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"The Red Shoes is a luscious modern fairy tale"

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly gives The Red Shoes a glowing review in Los Angeles, especially for our wonderful dancers!

"Michaela Meazza and Liam Mower are both commanding and subtly hilarious as Irina and Ivan, the resident prima ballerina/o of the Ballet Lermentov. Shaw is stunning as Victoria, the rising star who is torn between her passion for her art and her love for composer Julian Craster (Dominic North). Though her dancing is breathtaking from start to finish, it’s her ability to chart Victoria’s emotional journey that makes her unforgettable in the role. She flits from hopefulness to triumph to lovesickness to cynicism to maddened frenzy with a deft hand. North and Sam Archer provide firm and tempting foils as opposing sides of Victoria’s love triangle."

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