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Mami Tomotani

The Red Shoes USA Re:Bourne Dance Artist

Mami Tomotani was born in Fukuoka, Japan and trained at Minokami Mayumi Ballet Studio, Kawazoe Ballet School in Fukuoka and Shiki Academy in Tokyo.

Main stage credits include:

For New Adventures

Sleeping Beauty  -  Miss Maddox

Edward Scissorhands (Original Cast)  -  Peg Boggs, Gloria Grubb, Darlene Upton, Old Kim

Nutcracker!  -  Clara, Mrs.Dross, Cupid, Liquorice Lady, Marshmallow

The Car Man  -  Monica, Delores, Shirley

Highland Fling  -  Madge, Morag

For Adventures In Motion Pictures

Swan Lake  -  Spanish, The Romanian, & Italian Princess

The Car Man  -  Monica

Other stage credit include:

The King and I  -  The Royal Albert Hall (LONDON, UK)  Jeremy Sam dir.

Fame  -  Iris Kelly  (TOKYO, JAPAN) Suisei co.

CATS  -  Bombalurina & Victoria  (TOKYO, JAPAN)  SHIKI Theatre co.

Jesus Christ Superstar  (JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA)  SHIKI Theatre co.

Aspects of Love (TOKYO, JAPAN)    SHIKI Theatre co.

West Side Story  -  Estella  (TOKYO, JAPAN)  SHIKI Theatre co.

The Phantom of the Opera (TOKYO, JAPAN) SHIKI Theatre co.

Hans Christian Anderson  - Carl  (TOKYO, JAPAN)  SHIKI Theatre co.

Landestheater Ballet Linz Company


Workshops – UK, Japan, USA, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing.

Project & Curtain Raiser:

“QUEST” Kimura Festival in Okinawa with Japanese and Taiwan students.

“BEAUTY SLEEP” in Shanghai.

“Bourne to Dance” in the USA.

Teaching credits include: She is a guest teacher across the globe for Carnegie Mellon University, LaGuardia High School, Hariyama Ballet, Joffrey Ballet School and Mark Morris Dance Group in the USA, Japan and UK. Mami is the assistant director and faculty member for The Broadway Experience musical program in NYC. Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures Company Class.

Rehearsal assistant for Matthew Bourne’s Dorian Gray in Japan, 2013.

Choreography credits include: The world Premiere of “How To Make An American Quilt “ in 2017 and “COMPLEAT female STAGE BEAUTY” in 2016 for New York LaGuardia High School, “Zanna Don’t!” for Pittsburgh University in 2013 and “Just Feel It” (contemporary dance) in Japan.


The Nutcracker! (DVD & BBC, FUJI TV.  M. Bourne dir.) Highland Fling (TOKYO TV M. Bourne dir.) Won't Back Down (Daniel Barnz dir.)

Twitter: @mamitomotani

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